Thursday, 29 January 2015


Hi there everyone.

Many thanks for supporting my blog over there years even though I had only posted two articles.

I do hope that they are still relevant even though Coded UI has changed a bit.

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that there has been an increase in activity on the blog and I really hope that the contents are useful.

Also please do not click on any ads unless you really are interested in it. It throws off the stats quite a bit.

Other than that, please do have fun and remember if anyone wants to be a guest blogger, please do let me know.


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  1. Hi,
    I am trying to automate WPF application(wpf with 3rd party devexpress) using coded ui(VS 2012) in my local machine (windows server 2008 R2).

    I am facing issues while identifying controls under dynamically generating content of the window.Tried different hierarchical levels to hit the control,But

    still not able to hit the control.

    Till some level I am getting the handle,but after I am not getting the handle.

    Application is huge hierarchically structured application with windows and wpf application.

    Tried coded UI record and play feature to generate the UI Map. Used same structure to identify the controls.It worked while debugging line by line code but its failing while running.

    e.g. Below is the one hierarchy,

    Dock_LayoutPanel --> Till this level I am able to get the handle and late I am not able to hit the control
    ........(all tiles)

    This issue is not only with one page,I am getting for all pages.So this is blocking our automation.

    Please can any one help me on this.


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